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    • Yeah this is frustrating. I would have a pretty direct conversation about sound expectations and wanting them to honor the sound you're going for and if they can't, ultimately they are not fit to serve and maybe in the meantime you can work on recruiting and retraining others.
    • Maybe drawing too much amps per circuit with your lights? Maybe you could distribute it more to another circuit?
    • Anyone have issues with tech people who know how to mix/ run the board but disagree with your vision on how the mix should be (like loudness, blended, etc)  mine are volunteers so firing them would leave me no one, but I show them here is where the mix should be for our sanctuary, they say ok, but then when we go live they disregard my wishes and change it to how they want it (Which in my opinion and others in the crowd .... is a bad mix)  Thoughts how to deal with them properly?   
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