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    • No.  I got my BA in Music Education.  I feel like my degree has given me the core essential elements to be a great a worship leader (music theory, musicianship, etc.).  So much of what happens outside of rehearsal and performing is extremely crucial as well.  Being  an effective leader is as important as being an educated musician.  
    • Hey everyone,  - 1) any SPECIFIC ideas your church has done or you’ve seen for the holiday season (month of December). Like a series or them or message topics  example would be advent, but I’m looking for something new or a new spin on it   - 2) Any SPECIFIC ideas for a Christmas Eve service as well? Thx 
    • I went to school for Pastoral Ministries, but not for worship leading specifically. I was thankful that I didn't get a degree in worship, but rather in theology and pastoring because I feel as though I can learn the technical/musical aspects on my own through programs like this, but the theology training was so beneficial.
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