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  1. On 7/8/2019 at 5:47 PM, jakegosselin said:

    Treating them to lunch after church is great because:

    • We are all starving and food makes us all happy
    • It's a great time to have face-to-face time with them to ask them questions about their story, life, work, etc.
    • It's really convenient to grab lunch after church since everyone is already out and about for church and we don't have to schedule a different time in the week to meet up.
    • It's also a plus if you can work it in your ministry budget for the church to reimburse you for the meal.

    @jakegosselin...totally just told on myself by asking you this question during our chat today...sorry to make you repeat yourself!! 😟🤦‍♀️

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  2. The past 2 Sundays I've refined the planning of worship to use the Gospel Framework, and both Sundays I've had members seek me out to tell me how meaningful and beautiful worship was. They each had a peace about them that I can clearly say was the Spirit having touched them!

    Today our guest preacher, Rev. Davis, complimented me after the service saying that this was such a beautiful worship service, and that a worshipful atmosphere was kept during the entire service! Rev. Davis looked me in the eye and said, "You're a really good worship leader. You're so natural and genuine."  OH MY GOSH!! Things my people-seeker heart/ears have always wanted to hear!! But I know where the credit is due!! It's not me, it's the Spirit working through the gospel story told during our worship! And of course a little help from the best worship leader school that I happen to be a part of. 😍😉

    Now that I've said that, please hear me...yes, it was fantastic to be complimented by a guest preacher. I work hard, though, when I do hear compliments to give God the glory. Yes, it makes me feel good, but I know the praise of my church is not to be sought. Audience of One! 

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  3. We rehearse Wednesday nights. Band members received the set list via Facebook (plan on training them in PCO this summer) but don't really prepare one their own (another goal). Once we're set up to rehearse we spend the first 15ish minutes with a devotional or book study. We're currently reading Sing together. We'll also spend time in prayer for each other and the congregation.

    I serve in the role of Worship Leader and Music Director so I'll spend time before we run through each song going over the order of the song (not using click, Ableton, or any of that fund stuff...yet). We'll go through it once, clarify and troubleshoot, then go through again as many times as necessary until we feel together and tight.

    Recently, a line or phrase from a song will hit me hard as we rehearse. I've been discerning that this phrase is one that the church needs to hear...that it will bring understanding or freedom...so we'll commit to praying the rest of the week/weekend for the church to respond to that phrase, or that God will use that phrase to reveal something to His children. 

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  4. So I started the course for click tracks today and I'm surprised by how much fear was taken away by Jake's crystal clear explanation! We have an ipad ready to be used. Thinking we'll be going with the Prime app.

    Question: is a $40 a month budget reasonable? If I plan on slowly adding tracks, maybe 2 a month?

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  5. I've been diving into the pastoral category! It has sharpened my understanding of my role/position.


    1. Re-write my job description to include 5 pillars

    • Submit to pastor for discussion (I don't think he knows everything I do in 15 hrs a week)
    • Submit to Staff-Parish Relations Committee (I KNOW they definitely don't know what I do weekly)

    2. Fine-tune Planning Worship with Gospel Framework

    • We haven't been far off, but a few tweaks are necessary

    3. Refine speaking between songs

    • Train others to speak between songs

    4. Integrate In-Ear Monitors for Worship Team

    5. Make a plan for expanding keyboard gig

    • What is needed?
    • Where will it come from?
    • How will it be purchased/funded?

    I'm currently scared by the goal of adding click tracks and background tracks. Haven't even watched those courses yet because I'm so terrified! So I guess goal 6 is watching the videos? And we'll go from there??




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