The Beginner’s Guide to Church Lighting Design


Course Overview:

Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to Church Lighting. Here is what you will learn in this course.

What makes great church lighting?

Before we start working with fixtures, software, and design, we will consider the theological and practical elements that are essential for church lighting.

Lighting Design Theory and Best Practices

We will cover the essentials of lighting subjects and color theory so that you avoid the most common lighting design mistakes.

The Anatomy of the Lighting System

You’ll get a big picture overview of how lighting systems work. This will help you better understand your current system or give you a working knowledge of how to build a new system.

Controlling your lights

In this module, we will do a deep dive into how to set up your lighting software and begin building looks for worship. You’ll learn how to patch the fixtures into your software and how to build presets and cues that are easy for your tech team to operate.

Designing Lights for a Worship Service

With our gear and software in place, we will build a light show for an entire worship setlist. I’ll walk you through a simple process of selecting looks for songs in worship.

Operating Lights During Worship

Finally, we will cover tips and strategies for operating lights during a worship gathering. In the end, lighting design is an act of worship. You’ll learn how the lighting operator can develop his or her skill of creating looks that compliment congregational worship.

This course is designed for worship and tech leaders who want to make massive improvements to their lighting system and design workflow. All of our gear and software recommendations in this course are best suited for smaller to mid-sized worship venues.

There are many ways you can go about building a lighting system, but this course shows you exactly how to do it for a modern worship context. After watching, you’ll have the know how to build a system yourself, and you’ll be much more informed when consulting with lighting installation professionals.

You’ll discover that light plays a major role in leading the local church in worship. When done properly, it can encourage congregational engagement and help facilitate moments that are powerful and transformative. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun working with the latest gear and technology. As a lighting designer, you’ll feel like an artist. Your lighting fixtures are the paintbrush, and the stage your canvas.