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How to lead engaging and tech-savvy worship WITHOUT a large team, expensive ministry degree, or a megachurch budget.


Your going to learn...

  • The fastest way to take your band from sounding amateur to professional.
  • A simple framework for leading spiritually impactful worship (without going to seminary).
  • How to leverage cutting-edge technology even at a small church.

Jake started leading worship over a decade ago at a small rural church in Vermont. Since then he’s served at various small to mid-sized churches across the United States and most recently leads worship at a vibrant and growing church plant in Denver, Colorado.

This FREE training class cuts right to the chase and reveals exactly how Jake leads engaging, spiritually-impactful, and tech-savvy worship despite having limited resources and team members.

Jake has helped thousands of worship leaders around the world with his online trainings.

It’s on my level, meaning I’m not getting advice from someone who has a huge budget, talent, and resources. That’s my favorite part. It’s real advice that works.

– Lucas Hollenback, Worship Leader, Pennsylvania

Jake’s ability to show you how to run Ableton in a user friendly way has completely transformed the ministry at my church.

– Dane Krause, Worship Leader, Oklahoma

The past few Sundays I’ve refined the planning of worship to use the Gospel Framework, and both Sundays I’ve had members seek me out to tell me how meaningful and beautiful worship was. It’s not me, but the Spirit working thrugh the gospel story told during worship! And of course a little help from the best worship leader school that I happen to be a part of!

– Shannon Hull, Worship Leader, Florida

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